Complimentary software with SSI programmable controllers. Configurator provides remote control of instrumentation; remote and online recipe management; and backup and restore configuration utilities.

Configurator Main Screen

Password Protected Functions
Auto-Find Instruments
Remote Control:

  • Auto/Manual

  • Recipe Start/Stop

  • Event Control

  • Alarm Acknowledge

  • Auto Tuning

Auto-Update For Current Software Enhancements
Controller Setup
All functions performed from direct instrument interface can be performed from remote PC using Configurator


All Configuration backed up on PC
Easily Restore Settings
Compare Different Backups To Understand Variances
Historical Tracking of Backups with Date/Time Stamps
Print Out Configuration

Recipe Management

Complete Backup and Restore Recipes
Share Recipes with Instruments
Global Recipes Updates
Manage Controllers as in Groups
Work Offline on Recipes
Cut/Copy/Paste Steps

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(Q4) How do I slave an instrument to my controller?

Select “Slave Instrument Setup” from the menu drop-down.


Select an instrument you want to configure.


Configure the instrument, address, and port.  Note the following:


All devices on the same slave port must utilize the same protocol.
An address of zero (0) will disable the instrument.
Controllers that provide dual functions must have the same address assigned for both.
If your instrument is not shown in the list, use User Instruments 1-16 along with the Generic Instrument Setup menu (see manual for additional details).
Slave 1 = terminals 5 (-) and 6 (+)
Slave 2 = terminals 22 (+) and 23 (-)
RS-232 = 9-pin port on controller’s face

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