SuperOX – Combustion, %Oxygen

Oxygen sensor for combustion control in re-heat furnaces, boilers and incinerators.

SuperOx Probes
This in-situ oxygen sensor measures % Oxygen concentrations directly in the combustion area of high temperature furnaces, boilers and incinerators. It is intrinsically safe and generates a very low millivolt output based on the oxygen content of the atmosphere.
Available in a number of standard lengths - 18" (457mm), 27" (685mm), and 36" (915mm)
Available in both alumina and silicon carbide outer sheaths
Rapidly replacing older/outdated, non-current patented, non-rebuildable in-situ oxygen sensors
Field performance can be collaborated using external "verification" port
"B", "S", and "R" thermocouples are available
Temperature Range: 1200 to 2900 °F (649 to 1550 °C)
Cooling air maintains positive pressure to ensure the integrity of the electrical connections in harsh environments
Outer electrode is not "painted" on the zirconia electrolyte, eliminating the antiquated "boot" design
Years of application experience maximizes sensor life and performance in high-slag, turbulent environments

Glass Melting – Glass Furnace / Ceramic Kilns Exhaust Stacks

24/7 monitoring of combustion stack oxygen
Interface with existing combustion control system
Low maintenance, NO calibration
Probe verification
Oxygen sensor is rebuildable
Optional "sample" dryer
Optional "sample" pump
Optional interface with Ethernet
Optional interface with 4-20mA Damper Control
What does this do for you?
It gives you an input to control your air-fuel ratio
It will improve the QUALITY of the product
It will reduce maintenance costs
It will allow product consistency

e-TRIM Burner Management System

Air / fuel ratio monitoring system
3.5" Color touch screen display
Data logging to flash memory
Burner "Out of Tune" alarm
Multi-sensor inputs
Digital input for high fire notification
Burner "Not Lit" alarm

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