01 Sep

AMS 2750 F Updates

AMS2750F The Super Systems team has been actively engaged in the AMS 2750 F updates. We have reviewed the document that was released in June and have been anticipating a number of items that most certainly will affect the heat treating community. As a controls and data acquisition supplier, we make it our business to

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24 Mar

SSi and COVID-19

At Super Systems, we are taking the COVID-19 situation seriously and protecting our employees and customers by following federal, state and local guidelines.

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09 Apr

User Training – 2020

Super Systems is pleased to offer product training classes throughout 2020. The 2-day training classes will provide fundamental training on products for the everyday user with Day 2 providing in-depth training on setup, configuration, SuperDATA screen modification and development. If you are a user of SSi products such as the 9000 series of products, recipe management, Configurator, AC20s, 7EKs, and SuperDATA, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

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