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How do I set the time on my SDS Data Logger?

For 8020 and 8040 units, go to Screen 20 to set or change the date and time.


For 8120 and 8140 units:


  1. Go to the menu and login with the number “2”

  2. Return to the menu list, scroll down and select the final item, “Exit Program.”

  3. Select “Yes” to confirm. This will bring up the Windows CE interface.

  4. Double-tap the time on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Be sure that your time zone is set correctly, then adjust the date and time as needed.

  6. Tap “Apply” to set the time, then tap “OK” to close the Date and Time window.

  7. Tap the Start button at lower left.

  8. Select “Programs” then “Advantech.”

  9. Scroll down and select “Registry Saver.” Tap “OK” when you see the “Success” message.

  10. To restart the SDS, reboot by double-tapping the computer icon next to the date/time on the toolbar.

  11. Click “Yes” to confirm.