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How do I set the IP address on my SDS?

NOTE: This solution assumes you know your IP address. If you do not, check with your IT professional, or contact SSi for assistance.


For 8020 and 8040 units:


  1. Go to screen 26 and enter the passcode “2”

  2. Highlight a number, then key in the new number and press Enter.

  3. Once all numbers have been changed, highlight “Set” in the bottom right hand corner.

  4. Then key ‘1’ and press Enter.


For 8120 and 8140 units:


  1. Go to the menu and login with the number “2”

  2. Return to the menu list, scroll down and select the final item, “Exit Program.”

  3. Select “Yes” to confirm. This will bring up the Windows CE interface.

  4. Tap the Start button at lower left. From there, select “Settings” and then “Network and Dial-up Connections.”

  5. Double-tap the icon for “Emac1.”

  6. In the next window, select “Specify an IP Address”

  7. When you are ready to enter the desired address, tap on the keyboard icon at bottom right, then select “Keyboard” and use the keyboard to enter the correct numbers.

  8. When you have entered the IP address, click “OK”

  9. Tap the Start button at lower left.

  10. Select “Programs” then “Advantech.”

  11. Scroll down and select “Registry Saver.” Tap “OK” when you see the “Success” message.

  12. To restart the SDS, reboot by double-tapping the computer icon next to the date/time on the toolbar.

  13. Click “Yes” to confirm.