9215 FNC & Nitriding

State-of-the-art PID controller engineered for nitriding furnace applications


16 PIDs via program opcode
3 PID sets / loop with defined temperature switch point
T/C comparison with offset available for T/C checks
Multiple alarms assigned to individual relays or a single relay
Band limits for each process variable
Guaranteed soak timer based on auxiliary load thermocouples
Remote setpoint for third input
300 24-Step Recipes


Flow control (N2, NH3, DA, CO2, Endothermic, H2)
Atmosphere measurement (Oxygen, Hydrogen)
Automated Back Pressure Control
Control of KN and % DA
Automatic Single and Two Stage Process
Precise Control of Compound Layer
Automated N2 Purge
Pre/Post Oxidation
Fully programmable
Sophisticated Programming (ramp/soak/guarantee on load temp.)



Control LoopsThree Loop PID controller
Temperature, Atmosphere (Kn, %DA)
Analog InputsThree
Analog OutputsExpandable
Digital InputsFour
Digital OutputsEight relay outputs (Expandable to 16 or 32)
Communication PortsTwo (2) - RS232
Three (3) - RS485
Allen Bradley DF1
Display3.5", 5.7" and 12.1" Color touch screen
Video recorder with "NOTES" capability
Removable storage media (948 months of data)
PC interface with SuperDATA
Programmable 300 24-Step Recipes
Web Browser EnabledRemote PC view with standard Web Browser
MountingDIN rail or sub-panel mounting
Power24 VDC

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What is the difference between SOAK and G_SOAK opcodes?

SOAK is simply a specified amount of time.  There are no conditions required for the timer to count down.


G_SOAK is also a soak timer, but it will only run when pre-set conditions are met and maintained.  If conditions are not met, the timer is placed in hold status.