Series 8 Controllers

Temperature and High Limit Controller

The Series 8 is SSi’s affordable line of process and high limit controllers. These products are used for many thermal processing and indicating applications. The Series 8 has universal inputs with relays and analog outputs allowing for versatility and a wide range of monitoring or controlling applications. With 3 options for sizes (1/16, 1/8 and ¼ DIN), the panel mount unit offers high accuracy universal inputs for PID control and high limit protection.

Built-In Timers (808, 808SR, 816, 804 Models)
Configurable Alarms: High, Low, Deviation, Band, Timer Complete
Auto-Tuning, Smart Tuning
Modbus 485 Comms
3 Configurable Relay Outputs
4-20mA Output (Models 804, 808)
24 V transmitter/supply (Models 804, 808)
3 sizes: 1/4 DIN, 1/8 DIN, 1/16 DIN
FM Approved, UL Listed, and CE Marked
Designed to combine temperature and timer operation for a temper/draw furnace
Easy-to-use logic inputs for push button operation of timer
Automatically download set point and time from SCADA software
Calibration Accuracy: <±0.25% of reading ±1LSD
Thermocouple Types: K, J, N, R, S, B, L, T, C Custom, RTD, and linear V and mA
Series 8 Configuration Software


Model NameModel NumberSizeRelayFM Relay4-20mA OutputSSR Drive OutputDigital InputsSlidewireRS485 Modbus RTUTimerFM Approval
808313431/8 DIN312XX
808R313451/8 DIN312XX
808L313461/8 DIN312XX
816313471/16 DIN31XX
816L313481/16 DIN211XX
804313491/4 DIN312XXX
804L313501/4 DIN312XX

Output 1

Relay Output (Form A, N.O.)
Isolated output 300 Vac CAT II
Contact rating: 2A, 230 Vac ±15% resistive
Logic (SSR Drive) Output (808R only)
Not Isolated
Output ON slate: 12Vdc @ 40mA max
Output OFF slate: <300mV, <100µA
Output switching rate must be set to prevent damage to output device

Output 2

Relay Output (Form A, N.O.)
Isolated output 300 Vac CAT II
Contact rating: 2A, 230Vac ±15% resistive

Output 3

Relay Output (Form A, N.O.) Models 808R, 808L, and 804L only
Isolated output 300 Vac CAT II
Contact Rating: 2A, 230Vac ±15% resistive
DC Output Models 808 and 804 Only
Isolated output 300 Vac CAT II
Software configurable: 0-20mA or 4-20mA
Max load resistance: 500Ω
Calibration accuracy: ±(<0.25% of reading + <50µA)

Output 4

Changeover Relay (Form C)
Isolated output 300 Vac CAT II
Contact rating: 2A, 230Vac ±15% resistive.
NOTE: In FM versions, this output is FM approved and activated by Alarm 2

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Temperature and Carbon Control


(Q6) How do I reset the tripped limit on my Series 8L?

If the alarm is supplied or configured as a latching type, it can be acknowledged in Level 1 or Level 2.


Press Page, F1, or F2.  The controller will display “Ac.AL” (for Alarm Acknowledge).


Use the Up and Down buttons to select YES, then press the Scroll button to accept.


NOTE: If the alarm is still present, the ALM beacon will light continuously and the alarm message will continue to flash.

NOTE: By default, the Page button is configured to Ac.AL.

(Q7) How do I add an offset to my Series 8?

First, enter the Level 2 Menu as follows:

Press and hold Page until the screen displays “Goto”

Press Up until the screen displays “Lev 2”

Press Scroll to enter the Level 2 Menu.

Then, enter the passcode if necessary as follows:

Press Up or Down until the screen displays the correct passcode.

Press Scroll.

The controller is now operating at Level 2.

Enter the offset as follows:

Press Scroll to scroll through options until the screen displays “oFS”

Use Up and Down to select the +/- offset amount needed.

Press Scroll to advance.  The value will be stored in the controller when you exit the oFS screen.

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