VR – Paperless Chart Recorder

Paperless chart recording with easy to use software for displaying and printing historical data from a computer.


Expandable to 48 universal analog inputs
Completely isolated analog inputs
Base and satellite modules
Paperless trending
Non-modifiable data storage
Tabular display
Bar charts
Easy to read large decimal values
Modular construction and placement in a facility (3.5", 5.7", and 12.1" high resolution display)
VR Manager Software tools included
Modbus RTU/TCP communications
Ethernet communications


Collect, review, and print logged data
Retrieves data from VR devices or VR removable flash card
Review historical data in trend or tabular format
Review handwritten and typed notes
Data export utilities
Choose multiple VR recorders from VR Manager
Customizable data display points
Analog input statistics (minimum, maximum, average, standard deviation)

Reliable data storage
Color touch screen display
Replaces cumbersome paper recorders
Print charts on demand only when needed
Add handwritten notes for CQI-9 verification
AMS 2750 E Compliant
Non-volatile flash memory
User defined viewable templates
Keyboard and mouse compatible
On-board data storage
Built in data redundancy
Flush mounted color touch screen
DIN rail mountable input modules
Easy "on-board" calibration
Handwritten or keypad notes
Built in remote web page viewer
Vacuum level compatible gauge readings
Custom curves
Expression wizard for hard-to configure inputs
User-defined input alarms
Expandable relay outputs available
1 second sampling
Input defined timers
Input defined average calculations
Searchable notes & load database
Batch database
Enhanced zoom capability
Security enhancements

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VR Paperless Chart RecorderPDF | OnlineVR/DAQ Datasheet
DAQ Fixed Data LoggerPDF | OnlineVR/DAQ Datasheet
General InfoTouchscreen Cleaning Procedure

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